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Learn To Negotiate Like A CEO

Nexus Negotiations takes proven corporate negotiation strategies and tactics and applies them to problems you face every day. Powered by Harvard-trained instructors from the S.A.B. Negotiation Group, our goal is to help you maximize your value in every negotiation by teaching you the tricks to preparing for, negotiating, and closing the deals that are most important to your life.

Our Experience

Nexus Negotiations takes the lessons learned from 20 years of global negotiation consultation and training for 150 of the Fortune 500 and applies them to the deals you make every day. With strategies, tools and techniques developed by instructors from Harvard’s Program of Negotiation and experience consulting on $160 billion worth of transactions, we know how big companies negotiate.

Now, let us help you use the same strategies and techniques to get the most you can out of every deal.

Our Guides

Our Small Business Negotiation Guides help you and your team plan and prepare for negotiations that have the biggest impact on your business. Click below to learn how we can help you prepare for negotiating your:

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